Sharp Freight offers a professional pallet and garment transportation service. Our fleet consists of a wide range of vehicles – curtainsided trailers, rigid vehicles, step deck trailers and sprinter vans.

We also have the knowledge and expertise to offer a full range of distribution to a wide variety of sectors, including machinery and plant, furniture, pallatised goods and hanging garments, so that customers can come to us for a one stop shop for all their needs. We continually strive to modernize and expand our vehicles, and take utmost care of all our wagons so they are kept in pristine condition.


Sharp Freight provides a weekly express service to a wide selection of European destinations, offering a simple solution to your European distribution requirements.

With an extensive knowledge of European exports and imports, and a fleet of 7.5/18 ton through to 44 ton vehicles at our disposal, we have the expertise and equipment to deliver a high-speed service time and time again. So, whether you require furniture, garment or pallet transportation, call us today for your free quotation and feel safe in the knowledge that your cargo will arrive safely at its destination, every time.


Looking for additional space to store your goods? Joe Sharp offers a modern, secure, and reliable storage solution. We will collect and unload your goods; securely store and shrinkwrap them; then load them onto pallets and transfer them onto outgoing vehicles.

Our 2.5 acre warehouse is manned and CCTV monitored 24/7, so you can rest assured that your storage is safe. We also offer a palletized and wrapping service, outdoor and indoor warehousing space suitable for a wide variety of products, and a fully manned 2 bay garage for routine maintenance and running repairs. Based just 2 miles off junction 19 on the M62 corridor, our extensive facility is easily accessible and allows you complete flexibility.

Whether you have short, medium, or long-term storage requirements, call us today for a highly competitive quotation.


When it comes to heavy haulage and abnormal loads, let Joe Sharp and his team handle the job. With over 17 years experience in the industry, flexibility to respond to individual customer requirements, and a large modern fleet at our disposal, we are fully capable of ensuring smooth heavy haulage transportations to Europe and the UK.

Our dedicated team, backed with a hands-on approach to any task, are committed to providing a cost and time effective solution, so you can rest assured of stress free transportation. So whether you require the loading and transportation of wide, tall, or long heavy loads, get in touch today.


We strive to give the best possible service to our customers, what ever the shape, size, weight. Don’t hesitate to ask us. we will try and help you out, to make your life easier!

Contact us to find out!