After becoming nominated carriers for House of Fraser and opening two more depots, Joe Sharp’s team began to build on their success by building new offices in the Heywood depot, increasing the number of staff and volume. Joe harp and his team were then able to provide a stronger service to customers, strengthening long-term relationships with clients, and forming new ones.


Joe Sharp and his team take pride in their trucks, and so strive to take part in as many competitions and attend as many truck shows and exhibitions throughout Europe, UK and Scandinavia as possible – including the famous Nordic Trophy!


Once they had taken on their first small warehouse and offices, Joe Sharp and his team began to push further into Europe, offering full loads and fast freight deliveries into Sweden and Scandinavia. With an ever-growing reputation, the business expanded even more, and a brand new truck and trailer was needed to satisfy demand.


After a successful two years, Joe Sharp bought his second truck so that he was able to offer container and unaccompanied transport to his clients. Now, with two trucks now under the sharp name, a new, eye-catching colour was needed which would make Joe Sharp’s vehicles stand out on the roads. The pink and white colour scheme fit the bill perfectly; the future’s bright, it’s pink and white – this bold and unique design has now become iconic on British roads.


Joe Sharp was brought up in a trucking family, developing a passion for wheels when he was very young. In 1995, after only having a few driving jobs under his belt, Joe Sharp embarked on the tough road of self- employment. With the support of his wife Jackie, he bought his first truck, and as the work slowly began to pick up – started to deliver loads from all around the UK and Germany, Spain, and France.